Is Your Basement Bedroom “Legal”?

Revisiting this because we get this question all the time; “What is considered a legal bedroom in the basement of a home?”

A room in a basement can be used as a bedroom or look like a bedroom but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it IS a bedroom or can be called a bedroom when selling your home. Here are the things that a room in a basement must have in order to be called a legal bedroom for homes in Cape Girardeau per city of Cape;

1. Must be at least 70sq ft total.

2. Must have a window or door leading to the outside of the home.

3. A window leading to the outside of the home must be no higher than 44in from floor and must be at least 20in wide and at least 24in high.

4. Ceiling must be at least 7ft high.

Hope that clarifies for those of you wondering!

-Paul Kitchen & Associates

“See the difference experience makes”


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